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What is Farm Angel?

If you work in the primary industries, Farm Angel just made your life a whole lot easier. Farm Angel is a world-first technology which enables you to:


Keep staff, family and yourself safe by detecting accidents

and raising automatic panic alerts when they happen

Know where your vehicles are at any time, even if stolen

Communicate using a smartphone even when out of

cellular coverage

Identify high-risk operators, mentor operator behaviour

and fulfil duty of care

Improve productivity


Farm Angel is satellite and cellular enabled so you know it will work on the remotest of farms, anywhere, at any time. Farm Angel works with most farm vehicles – your quad bike, farm bike, tractor, truck and so on. Click Find Out More below to learn how it works!


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Where can I buy?

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1. Rent or purchase Farm Angel devices for your farm vehicles and contact us to book an installation through your local dealer


2. It is also recommended that you purchase a Halo Tag for each operator or family member, which they can connect to their key-ring or wear on a lanyard. The Halo Tag also has a panic button so they can send a panic alert if they need help, or cancel an alert if they are okay. The Halo Tag also lets you know who is using which vehicle at what time.


3. No cellphone coverage in your area? No worries. By connecting a smartphone to a Farm Angel-enabled vehicle, your staff or family can still send and receive messages, wherever they may be.



5. Farm Angel analyses and interprets the data once uploaded. Farm Angel then tells you where your assets are and have been, who has used them, are any of your operators at risk and why, and are your vehicles being used appropriately? You can also set up workflows such as geofencing dangerous areas, receive automated servicing and licensing notifications or generate staff time and vehicle reports.

Know the benefits!

What are the benefits?

Safety First


Total Security



Know where my vehicle is at any time

Alert me if my vehicle is being stolen

Turn off my vehicle remotely if stolen and track my asset for faster recovery

Always in communication regardless of cellular coverage through my smartphone

Send and receive text messages even when out of cellular coverage

Have peace of mind over my family and staff.

Fulfil duty of care obligations as an employer or director

Improve operator behaviour – easily identify high risk operators and understand why they are high risk

Improved asset utilisation – know when my vehicles being used appropriately and when they are not

Create customised notifications e.g. geofencing, licensing and servicing, danger alerts and many other possibilities.

How do I get started?

Get started in 3 simple steps!

Register your farm or company for free

We will be in contact to book installations, and you are ready to go with Farm Angel

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International toll free

number for Blackhawk: +800 BLACKHAWK

About Us

Farm Angel is powered by Blackhawk based in New Zealand. Blackhawk have been operating in the Internet of Things industry since 2005.  Farm Angel uses Blackhawk’s proven cloud Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) facility used by well-known international brands and government entities. For more information about the company behind Farm Angel, visit us at www.blackhawktracking.com

Automatically raise a panic alert in the event of an emergency, even when operator is unable to do so him or herself

Know where my family or staff are at any time for peace of mind

4.  Farm Angel collects data such as location, trip history, speed and accelerometer values. Trip histories can be downloaded at your convenience on your Bluetooth 4.0-enabled smartphone, emergency alerts are sent via satellite.