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Safety & Security



Hardware Pricing Options

Buy the hardware

Rent the hardware

I want to own the device outright

I want to rent the device, on a

36-month contract

Optional Extras Available

Halo  Tags

Extra Halo tags (features panic button and allows operator ID)

Farm Angel Warranty

Two-year hardware warranty extension (36 months total), hardware purchase option only

Emergency Response Centre Option

Panic alerts are sent to your nominated emergency contacts, and to a professional 24/7 emergency monitoring service. Upon receipt of a panic alert, an ERC operator will call your nominated emergency contacts to escalate the panic alert to a person, or emergency services if appropriate.

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Safety & Security

Automatic accident detection and panic alerts


Halo Tag panic button (for non-vehicular accidents)


On-demand location requests, 10 per month


Remote vehicle enable/disable (immobilisation)


Geofencing (virtual fence)

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Safety & Security +

Two-way messaging on your smartphone, out of cellular coverage


Vehicle trip histories (requires cellular coverage or Bluetooth 4.0 smartphone to download)


Hourly location updates via satellite, when vehicle is in use


Unlimited on-demand location requests

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Connected +

Fulfil duty of care responsibilities


Automate timesheets and logbooks


Operator ID via Halo Tag


Operator behaviour and asset utilisation reports


Generated automated reporting


Manage vehicle licensing and servicing


And many more features!


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